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Navigation throughout the Library Catalogue is easily facilitated by the upper navigation menu.
The navigation menu is divided into several different sections.

Help Topics

The Helop Topics section provides tips and guidelines on how to use the Library catalogue.

Search Options

The Search Options section lists all the various ways you can create search queries, including Title, Author, Subject, and Advanced Keyword options.

Related Library Services

The Related Library Services section offers request forms and further information about several differents services offered by the Library.

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Preferred Searches

If you have a favorite author or subject for which you often search when using the catalog, you can save the search with the click of a button. This will prevent you from having to key in the search each time and let you place reserves on new materials quicker.

How to:

  1. Log in to your My Millennium Account.
  2. Click on the "Search Catalog" button.
  3. Search for your favorite author, subject, title, etc. or create an advanced keyword search including limits to material type, language, publication year, etc..
  4. When your results are displayed, click the button marked "Save as preferred search".
  5. The next time that you log in to your My Millennium Account, you can click the "Preferred Searches" button to see a list of your saved searches.
  6. Click on the search link associated with any of the preferred search terms in the list to quickly execute your search.
  7. You can be alerted of new materials added to the library collection which match your searches. Just check the "Mark for Email" box and be sure that your patron record information includes your current email address.

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Users may renew their loans four times, after which books must be returned to the Library. No renewal is possible on books reserved by another user.

How to:

  1. Log in to your My Millennium Account.
  2. If not the default view click the "Items currently checked out" link to view the materials you have checked out.
  3. Select the materials you want to renew by checking the boxes in the RENEW column and then click the Renew Selected button. If you want to renew everything, click the Renew ALL button.
  4. If you cannot renew items, a message will appear on the screen. If you are successful, a new due date will appear in the "STATUS" column. Always check the STATUS column for information on the success or failure of your renewal..

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There are many ways to search the library's catalog. Each of the help pages linked below will give you tips on searching for specific kinds of items.

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Search Tips

Advanced Keyword Search Tips

Multiple Words

When searching multiple words the system will automatically suppply the Boolean "and" operator between each word; multiple words entered for the search will all occur somewhere in the retrieved records though not necessarily in the order entered. Both examples on the right will retrieve the same results

Phrase Searches

Search for complete phrases by enclosing them in quotation marks. Words enclosed in double quotes will appear together in all results exactly as typed.


*   The asterisk ('*') matches up to five non-space characters, starting at the specified position in the word. For example, "inter*" will match "internal" and "internet", but will not match "international". The '*' wildcard may only appear after at least two characters.
The '*' wildcard may also be embedded in a search string. For example, "colo*r" would match both "color" and "colour".

?   You may use a question mark ('?') to replace a single character anywhere within a word.

Boolean Operators

Use AND or OR to specify multiple words in any field, any order. Use AND NOT to exclude words. Select the operator you wish to use from the selection list on the Advanced Search form.

Field Limits

Field limits may be specified by selecting a field limit from the selection list in the form above. These limits appear before the word or phrase to be searched. A field limit causes the system to search only the specified field for the specified word(s).


Keyword search results are usually grouped by relevance to bring the most likely titles to the top of the list. Each group represents a similar level of relevance and results are sorted within the group by date or title. To get an ungrouped result set, use boolean operators to form a complex query.


Using multiple words

A phrase Search

* Wildcard

? Wildcard

Using Boolean operators

Field Limits and their meanings

  • Author: Search only author fields
  • Title: Search only title fields
  • Subject: Search only subject fields
  • Note: Search only note fields
  • Subject: Search only subject fields


Most relevant Most relevant titles 
Highly relevant Highly relevant titles 
Very relevant Very relevant titles 
Relevant Relevant titles 
Other relevant Other relevant titles 

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